Teachers, do you want your students to deepen their creative instinct and find their voice?
Parents, does your child show a special musical gift and need a fun and uplifting teacher?
Leaders, do you want to improve relationships and accelerate your organization’ s transition into the new world by integrating musical-artistic philosophy and practice into your working environment?
Adults, do you want to learn how to play a musical instrument and improvise spontaneously in a matter of weeks?
Mentors and coaches, do you wish to channel the healing and spiritually enlightening power of the arts?
Growers, do you want to learn how to grow healthy, organic food, and learn about the intrinsic connection between natural agriculture and musical expression?
Lovers, do you want to combine all of this skill, knowledge and power into One Vision?
The Musical Ecology School of Roots Grown Deep is a flexible, travelling and Love-centered school for learning and unlearning. We are open to people and companies of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in deepening their creative intuition and production, multi-dimensionality, life purpose, vision, and/or technical artistic skills. Our education is rooted in diverse global experience, thankfulness, cultivating natural genius, love, and building community.
We facilitate lessons and courses that are uniquely designed to suit your dreams, needs, and skill levels. No two workshops, courses or lessons are the same, because no two children, organizations, artists, or leaders are the same. Our portfolio includes but is not limited to:
Creative learning & arts integration workshops for companies, organizations and leaders

Teacher training for school teachers (integrating arts and organic gardening)

Group music lessons for children (any instrument, any experience level)
Private, one-on-one music lessons for adults and children (any instrument or experience level)

The school is led by Joel Karabo Elliott who has a decade of education experience in the USA and South Africa with entrepreneurial projects in rural community development, live performing arts, youth development, musical production, education reform, classroom teaching, and organizational leadership. His methodology is simple: awaken the genius within . Over the years, he has found friends and professionals of common spirit and passion who are now part of the Roots Grown Deep teaching corps, including :

Stompie Selibe (art therapy, visual art, music, spirituality)

Dan Ellappa (Intercommunication technology, life coaching)

Lantern Maleka (music, spirituality)

Dennias Mashegwane (theatre, music, poetry)

Ntando Mbatha (music, fun)

Rethabile Phakisi (photography journalism)

Nelius Nortje (music, fun, spirituality)

Samuel Ntsan’ wisi (youth development, music, parenting, leadership)

Nkoto Malebye (theatre, life skills, music)

Our school headquarters is in Naturena, Johannesburg in South Africa, and here the school welcomes regular learners from the Johannesburg area. The school facilitators are often travelling to various parts of the world. You can call upon us from anywhere in the world, and we will come to work with you.

  • Working the brass band at Lake Area High School (New Orleans, USA)

  • The singing aspects of acting, with the Fireside Theatre program (Ga-Modjadji, South Africa)

  • We are Fireside Theatre (GaModjadji, Limpopo)

  • Workshops with arts facilitators and managers at Nkosi’ s Haven (Naturena, South Africa)

  • Crossroads with Msaki and the youth orchestra at Keiskamma Music Academy (Eastern Cape, South Africa)

  • Call and response singing at Mukumbani Primary School (Tshivase, South Africa)

  • Musical storytelling “Modimo re lella pula” at Mission Hill School (Jamaica Plains, Boston)

  • Performance workshop at Stuart Hall School for Boys (New Orleans) with Batiste family and Shaka Zulu.

    Stay in Touch

    Joel Karabo Elliott (jKe) is a composer, musician, permaculturalist, educator and mentor in the realms of leadership, sustainable agriculture and creative community development. He was born into a diverse melting pot American family of Jamaican, Scottish, German and Russian heritage.