"They take us beyond blood and bone, beyond memory and fear, to a place where everything is 'no thing' made of a single substance."                                                                

Roots Grown Deep is a cross-continental 'beyond genre' musical and educational ensemble. We are composed and guided by the relational forces of ecology, humanity and divinity. Expanding still, we are a life-art movement and mobile educational-healing node that harmonizes the diverse voices of many disciplines, languages, cultures and personalities into a truthful, soul-illuminating sound. Our members are from numerous earthly tribes and cosmic origin, singing in a plethora of languages, building one family dream.

As curators of musical ecology, Roots Grown Deep performs and educates all over the world, ever composing and communicating the goals of planetary regeneration, individual soul growth, and love-fulfillment. These roots give sustenance and inter-connection to a network of light-filled communities across the land who are committed to unifying the principles of spiritual-ecological intelligence, as opposed to the mainstream aims of trans-humanism and AI. We are actively pursuing the arts of listening between breaths and producing a unified wave frequency that heals bodies through circuit alignment. Our deeper goal for live musical playing is to spontaneously improvise eclectic orchestral composition and synergy without direction.

Roots Grown Deep’s current work in conscious evolution is a sculpted sound journey and developmental healing node called The Musical Ecology, which includes the new musical release A Whole (re)Generation. Through this vehicle, we will travel from region to region with a team of multi-disciplinary artists and architects, learning and teaching higher-dimensional ways of living. Music is still the greatest vehicle to transport to the doorway, but the key to unlock the door is the fusion of science and spirituality ...

“This music moves me deeply to respond with some kind of service. I would like people to meet this in themselves and find their own inner instruments."   (reflections by jezebel, music explorer-journalist from Cape Town. South Africa)

#musicalecology #awholeregeneration

Performance & Workshop Schedule

Items without venue and time are private events

  • Tour schedule
    Date Location Country Venue/Event Time Contact/Booking
    21 April Johannesburg South Africa Haya! Hallelujah! - Mosaiek 14h00 +27729052307
    19 April Johannesburg South Africa Haya! Hallelujah! - Mosaiek 14h00 +27729052307
    13 April Relief of Cyclone Idai South Africa Factory on Grant (Norwood) 15h00 +27632480473
    6 April Ga-Mambolo (Haenertsburg) South Africa Retsogile Permaculture 19h00 +27731787333
    1 March Johannesburg South Africa Mosaiek 19h00 +27729052307
    3 February Cape Town (Claremont) South Africa Avalon Ashram 15h00 --
    1-2 February Cape Town (Muizenberg) South Africa The Hive (Musical Ecology node) -- --
    1 January Circle of Dreams South Africa Learning Clan -- --
  • Tour schedule
    Date Location Country Venue/Event Time Contact/Booking
    28 December Circle of Dreams South Africa Learning Clan - -
    21 December Wilderness South Africa Music On The Vlei 19h00 +27835763256
    20 December Bibby's Hoek Western Cape - South Africa Vintage Vinyl / Loerie's Love - +27845700983
    15 December Kwaleha/Brakfontein South Africa Emerald Hill Musical Celebrations - +27815594080
    23 November Hillcrest Durban - KZN South Africa Conscious Cafe at the Castle 19h30 +27728693937
    15 November Eshowe - KZN South Africa The House in Zululand 19h00 +27354740878
    27 October Johannesburg South Africa Broken Chords Creative Studio 19h00 +27780147252
    7 October Maputo Mozambique Akino Cafe or IVERCA 17h00 +258848846825
    29 September Tofo Inhambane - Mozambique Sumi 19h00 +258845646554
    3 August Pretoria South Africa Lucit Theatre 19h00 +27833062830
    20 July Johannesburg South Africa Soweto Theatre (w/ Global Education Exchange Coalition) 19h00 +27842669478
    12 July Bloemfontein South Africa SODA 19h00 +27733009967
    11 July Wilderness South Africa Fairie Knowe 19h00 --
    10 July Bibby's Hoek South Africa Vintage Vinyl Cafe 19h00 +27725514766
    8 July Jeffrey's Bay South Africa The Bay Pasta Company 13h00 --
    6 July Grahamstown South Africa The Vic / Acoustic Cafe 21h45 +27834457833
    5 July Grahamstown South Africa The Vic / Acoustic Cafe 18h45 +27834457833
    16 June Tshwane South Africa Fete de la Musique (Alliance Francaise de Pretoria) 16h00 --
    3 May Maputo Mozambique Fundacao Fernando Leite Couto 18h00 --
    27 Apr Tofo, Inhambane Mozambique Dathonga Galeria 20h00 --
    24 Mar Lothair, Mpumalanga South Africa Yoga Flow Festival (Tolderia Resort) -- --
    24-25 Feb Cape Town South Africa 'Hack the Water Crisis' (Cape Town Science Museum) -- --
    20 Feb Johannesburg South Africa Diaspora In Ascension (Broken Chords Creative Studio) 19h00 --
  • Tour schedule
    Date Location Country Venue/Event Time Contact/Booking
    15-18 December Hamburg South Africa Riversong Arts Festival (One Shushu Day) -- --
    3 December Cape Town South Africa Jazz In The Native Yards (Kwa Sec, Gugulethu) 16h00 --
    1 December Scarborough South Africa Camel Rock 20h00 --
    21 September Newport Beach CA - USA -- -- --
    18 October Tijuana Baja Mexico -- -- --
    14 October Los Angeles CA - USA Tribal Cafe 20h00 --
    30 September Sedona AZ - USA ChocolaTree Oasis 20h00 --
    19 September Sedona AZ - USA -- -- --
    9 September Chattanooga TN - USA -- -- --
    6 September Berea KY - USA Bell hooks Institute 15h00 --
    5 September Disputanta KY - USA Schoolhouse on Clear Creek 19h00 --
    2-3 September Hammond's Fork KY - USA Clear Creek Jubilee -- --
    4 August Indianapolis IN - USA Harrison Center for the Arts 19h00 --
    1 July Maputo Mozambique Gil Vicente 22h00 --
    29 June Maputo Mozambique Café Akino 17h00 --
    25 June Tofo Mozambique Mozambeat Motel 19h00 --
    17 June Inhambane Mozambique Studio Bom Dia 21h00 --
    10 June Maputo Mozambique Lima’s (Mafalala) 20h00 --
    9 June Maputo Mozambique Fundacao Fernando Leite Couto 18h30 --
    21 April Midrand, Gauteng South Africa Midrange Golf Club 20h00 --
    17 Mar GreenPop Reforest Festival South Africa Platbos Forest W Cape -- --
    11 Mar Maseru Lesotho Rock View 15h00 --
    09 Mar Maseru Lesotho Alliance Francaise 19h00 --
    07 Mar Durban South Africa Jazz Centre @ UKZN 18h00 --
    05 Mar Hillcrest South Africa Conscious Cafe 18h00 --
    04 Mar Assagay Valley South Africa Eden Rock Farm 20h00 --
    02 Mar Durban South Africa Jazzy Rainbow 19h00 --
    01 MAR Hilton South Africa Music In The Hills 21h00 --
    28 Feb Pietermaritzburg South Africa Musician's Club @ La Casa 20h00 --
    24 Feb Newcastle South Africa Melo's 20h00 --
    24 Feb Newcastle South Africa Carnegie Art Gallery 15h00 --
    14 Jan Scarborough South Africa Camel Rock 19h00 --
    13 Jan Cape Town South Africa 'Soiree' (private) 19h00 +27 84 689 6456
    11 Jan Cape Town South Africa Blah Bla 19h00 --
  • Tour schedule
    Date Location Country Venue/Event Time Contact/Booking
    23 Mar Cape Town South Africa Straight no Chaser 19h30 076 679 2697
    26 Mar Cape Town South Africa STyisa Nabanye (Tamboerskloof) 16h00 079 393 3643
    27 Mar Gugulethu South Africa Jazz In The Native Yards (Kwa Sec, Gugulethu) 16h00 06 0960 8935
    28 Mar Cape Town South Africa house show (Oranjezicht) 17h00 079 174 4152
    31 Mar Knysna South Africa Bloo Bistro 19h00 082 923 1185
    1 Apr George South Africa Mujo 20h00 084 042 5323
    2 Apr Sedgefield South Africa Heartland 15h30 079 0776 464
    3 Apr Harkerville South Africa house show 16h00 082 496 0690
    6 Apr Port Elizabeth South Africa Cork & Wine Garden 20h00 073 177 2630
    7 Apr Grahamstown South Africa Joza Youth Hub / Access Music workshops 16h00 082 477 3689
    9 Apr East London South Africa Arts Theatre / One Shushu Day 20h00 061 656 0700
    14 Apr Keiskammahoek South Africa Ntinga Ntaba ka Ndoda workshops All day 084 411 6179
    16 Apr Hamburg South Africa House show   083 631 2462
    17 Apr Hamburg South Africa Riversong workshops / Keiskamma Music Academy 16h00 061 656 0700
    27 Apr Haenertsburg South Africa Retsogile Permaculture / 'Freedom Is Roots Grown Deep' 16h00 061 656 0700
    29 May Johannesburg South Africa Grow Within album launch @ Broken Chords Creative Studio 14h00 078 014 7252
    22 June Mahlanya Swaziland House concert 20h00 +268 7637 8200
    3-9 July Grahamstown South Africa National Arts Festival w/ Msaki & the Golden Circle -- --
    16 July East london South Africa House concert 11h00 --
    16 July Grahamstown South Africa Guy Butler Theatre w/ Keiskamma Music Academy 19h00 --
    17 July East london South Africa East London Arts Festival w/ Msaki -- --
    28 July Johannesburg South Africa Stompie Selibe exhibition @ Candice Berman Gallery -- --
    30 July Pretoria (lynnwood) South Africa Roots in the Garden 15h00 +27 82 410 7832
    09 Aug Chattanooga, TN USA Heritage House Arts and Civic Center -- --
    17 Aug Greencastle, IN USA Greencastle Summer Music Festival / Gobin Church 19h00 --
    2-4 Sept Berea, KY USA Clear Creek Music Festival TBD --
    5-11 Sept New Orleans, LA USA Ashé Cultural Arts Centre TBD --
    25 Sept Soweto South Africa Soweto Theatre w/ Msaki 6pm --
    1 Oct Haenertsburg, Limpopo South Africa Mina's Spring Arts Festival / Mina's Art Cafe 3pm +27 83 980 8433
    2 Oct Sekhuting, Ga-Modjadji South Africa Fireside Theatre 3pm +27 72 206 2081
    5 Oct Xawela, Giyani, Limpopo South Africa Baleni Camp 6pm +27 (0) 79 493 6977
    8 Oct Thohoyandou, Giyani, Limpopo South Africa Thohoyandou Art Cultural Centre -- +27 82 839 3576
    9 Oct Musina, Limpopo South Africa Zanzibar Lounge -- +27 82 839 3576
    11 Oct Tshivhase, Limpopo South Africa Fundudzi Cultural Camp -- +27 82 359 2433
    13 Oct Elim, Limpopo South Africa Shiluvari 7pm +27 15 556 3406
    14 Oct Ga-Mashamba, Limpopo South Africa Vutsila Art Centre -- +27 72 180 2398
    16 Oct Tooseng, Ga-Mphahlele, Limpopo South Africa Sedikong sa Lerato -- +27 73 178 7333
    23 Nov Pretoria South Africa Alliance Francaise 7pm +27 12 343 6563
    3 Dec Johannesburg South Africa Grow Within album launch 19h00 +27 78 014 7252
    4 Dec Johannesburg South Africa Searching for a river in the city 15h00 +27 78 014 7252
    10 Dec Hamburg South Africa RiverSong Community Festival 15h00 +27 72 237 7341
    20 Dec Cintsa South Africa C Club 17h00 +27 72 596 1341
    21 Dec KwaLeha South Africa Emerald Hill Farm -- --
    25 Dec Harkerville South Africa Southern Comfort Farm 16h00 +27 82 496 0690
    26 Dec Sedgfield South Africa Heartland Farm 16h00 +27 79 077 6464
    28 Dec - 2 Jan Riviersonderend South Africa Learning Man -- --

About jKe

Joel Karabo Elliott (jKe) is a composer, musician, permaculturalist, educator and mentor in the realms of leadership, sustainable agriculture and creative community development. He was born into a diverse melting pot American family of Jamaican, Scottish, German and Russian heritage.

In the USA he learned the technique of playing music and received the privileges of higher education, finding inspiration from the great jazz and classical composers, while also becoming an avid student of religion, history and politics.

Years later he journeyed to South Africa where he was initiated in the villages of Limpopo, unlearning the superfluities of his modern education and embracing the song within . . . thus the music of Roots Grown Deep was born. A pianist, trombonist, singer, guitarist, poet and composer, Joel Karabo has found a unique voice in the world of harmony by weaving multiple languages and indigenous styles into a sound that is at once classical, jazz, roots, indigenous and folk. His love for collaboration and fusion of the rawest and most heartfelt South African voices has given birth to a mysterious yet heart-warming genre, yet unnamed.

Joel Karabo continues to weave music into his passions for farming, community building, emancipation of the mind, and spiritual ascension. He is a living example of the unification of spirituality, art and the pursuit of conscious social development.

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Grow Within...The Prayers [2017]

Grow Within And You Shall Not Go Without [2016]

Roots Grown Deep Defragmentations [2013]

Roots Grown Deep Outcries [2013]