A Whole (re)Generation

A Whole (re)Generation

a whole (re)Generation
a whole (re)Generation
is Roots Grown Deep’s upcoming full ensemble musical release, as
well as a holistic and multi-dimensional life-art-ecology project. The musical album
comprises of select tracks from the band’s June 2017 recording sessions at Studio Bom Dia
in Inhambane, Mozambique, with overdubbing to include ensemble members based all
over South Africa and the USA.

This project reflects the radical upstepping of our working life purpose and amplification
of our vocational calling to contribute powerfully to the global shift in consciousness and
the healing of our broken world.

a whole (re)Generation
speaks deeply from the
intergenerational and cross-cultural ‘Heartland’ that unites us in this great task. As typical
of Roots’ repertoire, the music is inspired and amplified by earthen landscapes and places
the ensemble calls home. The songs flex between instrumental, trance-like soundscapes
and poignant lyrical hooks that wound the ego but heal the soul (see
Purify Your Blood
Look out for the gradual release of
a whole (re)Generation
in 2018.

Stay tuned through
this website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Joel Karabo Elliott (jKe) is a composer, musician, permaculturalist, educator and mentor in the realms of leadership, sustainable agriculture and creative community development. He was born into a diverse melting pot American family of Jamaican, Scottish, German and Russian heritage.