Grow Within

From the valleys of the Limpopo to the canyons of the Colorado to the crystal pools of Jamaica comes a musical story of spiritual and cultural transcendence. Grow Within is the new double album by Joel Karabo Elliott’s music of Roots Grown Deep, a river song of indigenous jazz and classical roots featuring an ensemble of South African musical voices including Msaki, Nono Nkoane, Naftali, Nkoto Malebye, Stompie Selibe, Tumi Mogorosi, Dennias Mashegwane, Ha!Man Francois le Roux, Sibusile Xaba, NeahtYah Baht Ammi, Ntando Mbatha, Black South Easter and Nelius Nortje. Grow Within captures a journey into the personal and human search for roots, spiritual awakening and true culture, offering a ripe message of original life for a society consumed with material progress. Here one finds the sweet promise of ascension and a joyful call to the cross-continental celebration of our rich spiritual and ancestral heritage.

The first chapter of this musical work is a 13 song album called Grow Within and You Shall Not Go Without, while the second chapter is a 10 song offering called Grow Within…The Prayers.

Download the Grow Within albums here