The Broken Chords of Diaspora is currently a work in progress.

The Broken Chords of Diaspora A musical-visual artistic production for cross-continental and trans-generational healing By Stompie Selibe and Joel Karabo Elliott Our people have lived in peace for generations in the village of theirancestors, when suddenly a foreign tribe descends in violence, raiding and burning our home to the ground. We the surviving remnant are cast out into the wilderness, and through the arduous, wandering and soul-searching journey of our migration, we of this remnant come to discover that our true destiny and home is in a higher dimension, a transcendent space we never knew existed but gradually learn to manifest. The broken chords are healing...

The Broken Chords of Diaspora is a performance art project expressing the common journey of the connected and ascending citizens of the earth as we transcend our struggle against the disconnected powers of corruption. Part vision-dream interpreted around a fire, part redemption song sung by combined church and pagan choir, part indigenous orchestra, part symphonic orchestration, this diverse offering is a spontaneous filling and emptying of our endless subconscious canvas, a journey of emotional release on the cusp of spiritual distillation. From Kingston to Soweto, from Appalachia to Mapungubwe, from New Orleans to Mafalala, we are all on the cusp of ecological disaster, yet somehow in our freedom to migrate we find the liberation to become greater beings than we were.

While a familiar story of human uprooting and migration is poetically narrated, an unlikely acoustic ensemble (Roots Grown Deep & Recycled Sound) weaves an improvised and trance-like musical carpet, preparing the canvas for a barrage of spontaneous visual art on a wide host of medium and material.

The emptiness of contemporary, post-modern materialism is filled and then emptied again by the spaces of indigenous and cosmic reality. The Broken Chords of Diaspora is a collaboration between Joel Karabo Elliott and Daniel Stompie Selibe, and through the extension of their souls includes many intuitive artists from the communities and production houses of Roots Grown Deep, Broken Chords Creative Studio, and Stone Aged Souls. Joel and Stompie were brought together in 2013 in Johannesburg by mutual long-time friend and poet Phillippa Yaa Devilliers, who features in the production as lead storyteller.

The Broken Chords of Diaspora is currently a work in progress, due for launch release in 2018-2019 through a variety of mediums and platforms. My feet won’ t take me to the sky But my heart’ s gonna see me through this fire . . .

The Broken Chords of Diaspora

The Broken Chords of Diaspora